Mother Nature Brings Happiness

Connecting with the natural world is perhaps the easiest way for you to cultivate more joy and happiness.

Nature provides every type of wisdom and example we need to reach a more enlightened and compassionate state as individuals and as a society.

When we spend time in nature, we are surrounded by energy at a multitude of wavelengths. Each form of this energy is part of many natural cycles or balances.

In our distant past, we were closely bound to these cycles and received ample feedback both good and bad from our actions.

Our modern world has led us to feel that we are somehow above these basic cycles of existance on this planet.

Despite all of our advances, we are still inextricably tied to this physical earth which sustains us all.

Understanding our place in these natural cycles of energy is critical for us to be able to create a more sustainable society motivated by compassion and love.

Appreciating these flows of energy lead to an appreciation of the vast diversity of beauty which we are part on this planet.

The more levels of energy and matter that we can appreciate, the more outlets we have for our compassion.