Music Brings Happiness

Whether you are composing it, playing it, or listening to it, music is certain to lead to more happiness in your daily life.

Music is also a wonderful model for many aspects of our daily lives.

When people come together and create music (jam), they are practicing a special and higher-level of synergy than if they were having a simple group discussion.

The group is able to create something new in real-time (free flowing, no delays) which is often more than the sum of the parts.

Muscians create best when they stay "in the moment." Any muscian can tell you of times when they have been playing wondefully, then began to think about their performace, only to stumble and make a mistake. The creation of beauty and harmonies is very difficult if you let your mind get in the way of the creating!

True synergies take place when each of the participants frees themselves to let anything be possible and dwells only on the beauty of the moment, letting the their unique individual energies flow smoothly.

This synergy leads to a group acension of sorts, as well as artistic beauty.

This is how we should be creating harmony in all aspects of our lives:

1) Be Yourself

2) Be in the Moment

3) Be free to let anything happen

4) Intend Harmony